Sunday, October 19, 2014

Federal incompetence helps fuel Libertarianism and the Tea Party

A according to Joe Nocera at the NYT:

"When you think about it, many of the Obama administration’s “scandals” have been failures of competence. The Secret Service let a man leap over the White House fence and get into the White House. The Veterans Health Administration covered up unconscionable delays in treating veterans. The error-ridden rollout of the Obamacare website was a nightmare for people trying to sign up for health insurance. The Republican right takes it as an article of faith that the national government can’t do anything right. Problems like these only help promote that idea.
And now comes the C.D.C. — the most trusted agency in government — thrust in a role for which it was designed: advising us and protecting us from a potential contagion. With every new mistake, it becomes, in the public eye, just another federal agency that can’t get it right."
When you throw in Obama's disastrous middle-east "policies" it's no wonder that the Tea Party and Libertarian movements are getting attention from citizens who are fed up. 

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