Saturday, January 18, 2014

Mexican troops attempt to disarm sef-defense groups

Honest Mexicans are often caught in a terrible dilemma.  The government cannot or will not defend them against the cartels and their hangers-on.  The villagers arm and organize and then the army tries to disarm them.  They describe themselves as self-defense groups.  Media and other sometimes use the term "vigilante" which can have a negative connotation.  As reported by the New York Times (A6 1/15/14):

"Self-defense groups said four civilians were killed in the village of Ant├║nez when soldiers were confronted by a large crowd.   The government confirmed one death."

"The government’s policy was intended to curb all armed groups in the state, but the soldiers’ actions seemed directed at the self-defense forces alone, except in Apatzing├ín, the stronghold of the Knights Templar (drug cartel), where soldiers and the police surrounded City Hall."

The Mexican government has tough choices to make and has to tread a fine line.  However, when government fails its basic obligation to protect its citizens, the citizens have a right to defend themselves.  My sympathies lie with the citizens.

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  1. I understand why Mexican citizens resort to vigilantism, but such action poses known dangers to innocent people. It's one thing for privately armed individuals to defend self and/or community. But quite another when hunting down bad guys.