Tuesday, December 31, 2013

More on Arapahoe High Murder

The student who entered Arapahoe H.S. openly carrying a shotgun entered through a double door that should have been locked.  Instead, it was propped open for easier access for students and staff.   Tragedy often brings irrational responses.  The Sheriff said because the murder was intent on killing "he would have found a way to enter that school."  Arguably if a serious security system was in place the killer might not have been able to enter and might have been intercepted by armed personnel OUTSIDE the school.  The DA said there wasn't anything "that could have been done differently."  Really?  How about a proactive, target-hardening security system?  Where do they find these people?  Perhaps he was talking about he response of law enforcement and personnel. How about some kind of surveillance system, warning system, and more armed personnel (including trained licenses educational personnel) in the school.  Quick action by a janitor and armed school resource office prevented more casualties.  Some have argued that gun control laws kept the shooter from buying an "assault rifle" with a large capacity magazine.  This may be true, but misses the point.  No matter how the intruder is armed, if he or she can't get in the building it doesn't matter what they are carrying to kill inside the building.  Weaponry could be relevant to the results of a confrontation OUTSIDE the school.  However, trained personnel should be armed with weaponry adequate to match whatever the intruder has.  If the system gives these personnel a warning, their chances of a successful, low casualty intervention increases.    Hindsight is always 20/20, but there is no excuse for not being pro-active and using surveillance and communication expertise.   As I have stated before, think "target hardening."  For those who say all these efforts will hurt the learning atmosphere I say:  Would you rather have them dead in warm, relaxed, friendly atmosphere of denial, or alive in a security-conscious one?  Get real!  It can happen any place any time. We have got to face the reality of the existence of  violent people who will kill senselessly.  More importantly, let's not forget about Claire Davis, the innocent victim, and the tragedy of a young life ended senselessly.  Let's not forget about the pain of her friends and family.  RIP.  Don't forget about the pain for the family and friends of the suicidal killer.  Two young people died senselessly.  Keep them all in your prayers.

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