Thursday, December 26, 2013

Colorado's new pot laws

Colorado made headlines by partially legalizing pot recently.  If you are curious about how the laws will work,  see this website for information on the law as it will operate in Denver.  My libertarian and federalism sides applaud the move.  It's the laboratory of federalism on display.  The feds have caved. The "cautious" side of my philosophy says it will ultimately turn out to be a mistake.  Illegal pot use among youth and driving and accidents while stoned will probably go up.  Accidents in general will probably go up. The state will tax it and drive up the price to a point where the black market will flourish.  The law prohibits public pot smoking but police will give up or not even bother to enforce it.    It will become a chaotic pot free-for-all.    Is this a massive experiment with public health?  Overall, I favor the move. I follow this "Kesslerism;" When in  doubt, freedom should win out."  Good luck Colorado!

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  1. I like your "Kesslerism". One's freedom to be a dope head is fine so long as it doesn't impinge on the individual rights and/or boundaries of other people.