Thursday, November 08, 2012

Voters in 3 states endorse gay marriage

Voters in 3 states have endorsed legal gay marriages.  This could be a turning point on this issue in this country.  Look for more states to follow suit.  This cautious libertarian endorses the trend.  Equal protection means equal protection, and the Supreme Court has recognized that there are constitutionally protected rights involved.


  1. The tenets of the monotheistic faiths speak out against homosexuality. So same-sex marriage for these believers is an abomination that's completely out of the question. That said, I'm personally of the mindset that separates religion from secular matters. Like Jesus told the Pharisees in Matthew 22:21, " ...render onto Caesar what is Caesar's, and onto God what is God's.". Just because several states recognize gay marriage doesn't make it so by church standards. And anyone who criticizes this moral ground are guilty of transgressing upon the religious rights of God's faithful.

  2. 44: Thanks for the quote. I wish more were familiar with this quote.