Thursday, October 18, 2012

Geo. Zimmerman Trial Set: Media Circus Likely

The new trial judge in the Geo. Zimmerman case has set a tentative trial date of June 10. As the linked article states: "A judge Wednesday set June 10 as the date for the biggest murder trial in Seminole County history – Florida v. George Zimmerman. The case, which became a cause célèbre and launched civil rights rallies across the nation, promises to be a major media event." Will it turn out to be a Casey Anthony-type debacle? Will it turn out to be another Rodney King-type situation?  Going back even further,  will it be another Sacco and Vanzetti? I personally don't care whether he is found innocent or guilty, but he is entitled to his rights.  At this point, given the media bias against the defendant, prosecutorial misconduct, and the pressure of potential riots, I really doubt it.

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