Friday, August 10, 2012

Latest in Geo. Zimmerman case

George Zimmerman's chances of getting a fair trial seem to get worse as time goes on.  Guilty or innocent, all defendants are entitled to a fair trial.   The prosecutor "mistakenly" released a picture of Trayvon Martin and Zimmerman's  unflattering college transcript.  Fla. law did not authorize release of either item.  As this case has developed, I'm having doubts about the judge and prosecutor.   A prosecutor's obliagation is not to get convictions, but to see that justice is done. (See prior post re Alan Dershowitz's assertion that the prosecutor should step down.) Judges are supposed to be impartial.  The media, in general have been strongly biased against Zimmerman.
Another disturbing trend is that some groups may be  getting ready to play the "riot card."  If Zimmerman is acquitted there will be riots, as occurred  following the state court acquittal of the officers involved in the Rodney King case.. Martin also filed motions that are mentioned in the article.  Even if innocent, will Zimmerman be sacrificed on the altar of racial harmony?


  1. Once again a smear campaign with unrelated items being thrown at the defendant. Witness the "court of public opinion" at its ugly work. Truth and fact are conveniently discarded for popular causes. Whatever happened to blind justice?

  2. I'm baffled by this continuing miscarriage in Florida . . . if this were Minneapolis where the liberal courts are loathe to hold the black community to norms of justice, I would not be so perplexed, but this is unusual in Florida. I suspect that the choreography is imported and that fear of something is in play.

  3. Thanks 44 & Ridg: 44: Justice, unfortunately, often bows to ideology and popular passion. Ridg: Like you I am a little surprised that this is going on in Fla. which is usually conservative, pro-gun, pro-self defense etc. If this were Calif. I would understand. Are the judge and prosecutor just hard-core leftists? Let us know if you figure out how to explain this.