Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Thanks to commenters! Comment on older post

I appreciate all who comment here.  Wish I had time to respond to everyone.  However, I'm still at my full-time gig and try to squeeze in a little "real life" once in a while. Thanks for keeping it "clean" and avoiding personal attacks. I don't want to start moderating.  I have never deleted anyone's post and would never do so in ideological/political/disagreement grounds.  Sometimes we miss new comments on posts because the original post is no longer on the first page.  On Aug. 16, BM commented on the post "Fort Worth Offers $2 million to settle Taser death case."  Unfortunately, the original post was no longer on the front page. BM's post was very informative.  Check it out.  Search for "Fort Worth."  Again, thanks BM!  To help deal with this,  I have increased the number of posts (and their comments) on the main/first page to 27 (Very roughly a month-worth of posts).  Please scroll down to see all 27.  Let me know if you would like to see more older posts and comments on the first/opening page of the blog.

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