Saturday, March 10, 2012

Trends in gun laws, carrying and violent crime.

The clear recent trend in U.S. law has been to increase the opportunities for law-abiding citizens to engage in open and/or concealed carry. This trend has been going on for over a decade and has been accompanied by drops in violent crime rates. While there may not be a connection, the trend shows that more guns and carrying by law-abiding citizens has not result in the chicken-little predictions of those who dislike guns and gun owners. Thanks to Bennett Jones for the link.

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  1. " ... Brian Malte, of the Washington, D.C.-based Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. ...he sees the trend for the past 10 years: guns 'anytime, any place and for anyone.'".

    Mr. Malte is a perfect example of the anti-gunners' illogical argument. To begin with, his organization's name erroneously confuses guns with violence. Why not say "Brady campaign to prevent kitchen knife violence"? Gotta control those dang murderous kitchen knives by golly! In addition, "... guns 'anytime, any place and for anyone.'" paints an image that people have Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personalities depending on their surroundings. My basic character off campus, where I'm allowed to exercise my right to bear arms, is no different on campus, where this right has been denied. The exception, like when operating a motor vehicle, is not to drink and carry.