Friday, March 16, 2012

Hezbollah wants Syrian resbels to disarm and seek political solution.

Hezbollah, (aka "Party of God") is a Shi'a Muslim militant group and political party based in Lebanon. It is classified as a terrorist organization by most Western nations, including the U.S. It gets most of its financial and political support from the authoritarian regimes in Syria and Iran. Hezbollah's leader calls upon the resistance in Syria go give up its arms and seek a "political" solution. It's pretty obvious that the only solution, political or otherwise, that the ruling regime is interested in (and is willing to kill thousands of Syrians for)is the more of the same brutal status quo. A regime change in Syria could cost Hezbollah and lot of financial and political resources. It's no wonder they want the resistance in Syria to lay down its arms.

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  1. The Professor's article tells us: "On the Syrian crisis, Hezbollah S.G. assured that the solution 'is through politics', as he voiced fear of federalism, civil war and chaos." Sure. There is a lot of support and resources that could be lost or diverted for The Party Of God.

    Look at another article about Hezbollah's losses: "Syrian army sources told Acharq al Awsat daily that troops from the Free Syrian Army fought against Hezbollah units in more than one region. The sources said that Hezbollah members and Iranian soldiers are increasingly active in Syria in support of pro-Assad forces."

    Losing too many soldiers in Syria may also result in Hezbollah losing an edge against Israel. Priorities, I reckon.

    Also, I see U.S support for Egyptian and Libyan protesters, yet apparently next to none for the Green Revolution and the Free Syrian Army.