Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Suspect Tasered 28 times and dies. Taser Trigger Amnesia?

The Constable stated he tasered the suspect 8 times. The weapons shows 28 times. If an officer Tasers a suspect 8 times and it doesn't stop or subdue the suspect, isn't it time to move to another tactic? These multiple tasering cases (more than 3 "rides") resulting in death are becoming a pattern. What is the problem here? Taser trigger amnesia brought on by stress? P.S. Sorry for the drought of posts. Went out of town for Spring Break and am now grading grad course essay exams. Thanks to all those who posted recently.


  1. Binge drinking on the beach eh . . . oh well, when in Rome . . .
    Does anyone care how this clown died? In the law of the Florida swamp, "He needed kill'n."

  2. Whatever happened to basic physical constraint maneuvers? And if a suspect displays a weapon with a perceived intent to cause harm, deadly force will sufficiently end the threat. As far as trigger memory, that's a competency concern that's best addressed with proper training.

  3. 44& Ridgway:
    Thanks. Some use of force experts contend that the Taser being is overused and is becoming the first response in non-deadly force cases, at the cost of verbal techniques, pepper spray and, as John suggests, physical (no weapons) tactics. Police officers take an oath to support and defend the Constitution. The Fourth Amendment, which prohibits excessive force is part of that document.