Thursday, March 10, 2011

BATF snafu becoming scandal?

Latest on the snafu that is growing into a scandal.


  1. If what the article claims is true, this scandal is big. Not being one to follow conspiracy theories, I've seen my share of bureaucratic stupid acts. The country needs reassurance that their elected officials seek the truth and appropriately address the matter.

  2. 44:
    Thanks for the comment. Hopefully there will be congressional hearings on BATF's tactics AND the border gun-smuggling problem. Hopefully the hearings will dispel the myth and American guns are responsible for Mexico's problems. Hopefully, someone will also testify about the apparently limitless American demand for illegal drugs which is the real cause of Mexico's mess.

  3. ATF's job is to enforce our gun control laws not Mexico's. Is this part of providing intelligence to Mexican police? If so, Mexico owes us some money. According and Wikileaks, the cartels are getting automatic and crew serviced weapons from their southern border and abroad from China, Israel, and Korea. With that in mind, are these guns going to otherwise law abiding Mexicans to defend themselves from the gangs and their bought and paid for police?
    I got the impression that each party has its favorite agency and least favorite. The liberals love the BATF and let them slide with stupidity and do nothing with their internal problems with EEOC issues and morale. The conservatives love the DEA no matter how much they use the bill of rights for toilet paper. Both parties are wrong. Constitution says oversight of all executive operations for better government not witch hunts and point scoring.

  4. Thanks to all who posted. GEJ: Great post. Because of my involvement in, and association with, those supporting the Second Amendment, I tend to focus on that provision.
    As "cautious" libertarian, and civil libertarian, I agree that all our constitutional rights are important and are constantly under attack, from both the left and right. The war on drugs has taken its toll on Fourth Amendment and other rights. The conservatives on the Supreme Court have weakened both the Fourth Amendment and its exclusionary rule. I hope you will post again!