Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Review of the Year in CounterTerrorism

Yes, the workaholic is back. Had a great vacation! I hope everyone out there is feeling refreshed and revitalized. Anyway, great, brief article on the year in counterterrorism for those interested in the legal aspects of the topic. Also included a few relevant reading choices. LINK

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  1. Joanne typifies the warm fuzzy mindset of self-righteous social progressives in dealing with CT. Sort of like her fantasy big daddy president, Bubba, who ignored ugly underworld realities allowing the final stage to be set for 9/11. And such attacks weren't going to end unless someone took the Bull by the horns, enter Bush. CT is tasked with sorting through a complicated and collaborative mix of criminal and ideological elements, most from foreign sources. In the end it all boils down to the malicious intent of those targeted individuals or groups. Are they a proven or demonstrated threat to the lives and properties of innocent Americans? I say the nation's CIC has a duty far above Ms. Mariner's idealistic toy box to stop said bad guys from acting out.