Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Great article on U.S. Gun Control Strategies

Great law review article on gun control strategies in the U.S. at LINK The author’s final words” “CONCLUSION Without a commitment to or capacity for eliminating the existing inventory of private guns, the supply-side ideal and regulations based on it cannot be taken seriously. It is best to acknowledge the blocking power of the remainder and adjust our gun control regulations and goals to that reality. Policymakers who continue to press legislation grounded on the supply-side ideal while disclaiming the goal of prohibition are deluded or pandering.”

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  1. It’s very disheartening when social progressives and their lawyers find it necessary to scheme on how best to reduce future gun sales and ownership. As though they have that right. Forget the 2nd Amendment. Sort of mimics their manipulation of the commerce clause. Forget the 10th Amendment. Appears the Bill of [individual and states] Rights doesn’t hold water with some folks. Forget the patriots who struggled and sacrificed to defend said Bill. Shameful.