Saturday, October 30, 2010

Editor calls for Repealing Second Amend. & banning handguns

Even in the land of the free, your civil liberties and freedom to choose are always in jeopardy. IMHO, just more authoritarianism emanating from the left. LINK


  1. The editor forgot to mention car dealers. Motor vehicles have been used purposely against innocent victims, such as running down kids on a school play ground. Too bad someone nearby didn't have their scary gun. They could have ended the driver's violent murderous rampage against playing children. Being allowed to test drive an automobile should tell you plenty about the dealer's evil intent.

  2. PS: The constituion has taken enough abuse from self absorbed authoritarians who don't have the good sense to recognize their own stupidity. Such is obviously the case with this Driver fella. The Bill of Rights is all that's keeping absolute tyranny at bay in America.