Wednesday, February 01, 2017


Neil Gorsuch is extremely well qualified to be on the Supreme Court.

He is clearly much more qualified than one of Obama's appointments,
Elena Kagan, who had no prior judicial experience at all.

Unless some dirt is dug up, the opposition will only have ideological grounds to object.  This is how the game is played.  Republican Presidents nominate Republicans, and Democratic Presidents nominate Democrats for the Court.  It's clearly been that way for decades.

This is the only high level appointment by Trump I can feel comfortable about.  A former military general like James Mattis would seem to be a good fit for Secretary of Defense.  However, appointing former military officers may threaten civilian control of the military.  Both Houses of Congress had to waive the traditional ban on ex-military officers serving as Secy. of Defense.

The  rest of his appointees haven't got a clue about the office they will hold or agency they will be heading.  The Washington posts names this crew the "worst ever."  See why at


  1. Tillerson as SecState is a very good choice. Look at his background: A history of serious responsibility for the well-being of employees. A history of negotiating in arenas of great hostility. How many other SecState people matched that?

    Plus, he has a record of working with the Russian government in his business. That alone puts him head and shoulders above the hate-Russia war mongers of the Wolfowitz Doctrine claque.


  2. There's a big difference between negotiating trade deals and relationships between nations. His coziness with Putin may not be a plus. Putin is a cynical pragmatist who will always put himself first. Tillerson will not be able to change that. Trump will not be able to change that. Crony capitalism doesn't work in the dog-eat-dog world of international relations. Putin will try to manipulate them and may succeed as neither of these two understands realpolitik. They think flattery and buddying up with Putin will change things. That's naïve. I don't know of any hate Russian warmongers in the state department. There will always be tension, competition and hostility between super powers.