Friday, October 14, 2016


The media are reporting that gun accidents kill a child every other day.
E.g.   Notice how the article begins with the tragic story of the death of a 4-year old in a gun accident.  This is a common propaganda technique designed to arouse the reader's emotion rather than their reason. They claim that the data comes from the 'nonpartisan' "Gun Violence Archive." The Archive claims to be nonpartisan.  However if you go to their website, find the following:

"Related Websites

Except for the Sunlight Foundation and Officer down and perhaps Gun policy, all of these organizations are pro-control.  Check them out yourself.
For instance Armed for Reason" is sponsored by Gabby Giffords and her husband.  The "Brady Center" is an aggressive advocate of more controls.  My perusal of "Gun Policy" suggest a pro-control stance.  They are sponsored by the Sydney School of Public Health.  I've never seen a public health organization that wasn't pro-control  They s support the controversial "U.N. Program for Action on Small Arms."

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