Sunday, April 24, 2016


The Republican party is currently in a state or sharp division from which it may not recover. There is, however, an even more important fight brewing which could have even more long-term effect on the party.

Republicans have relied on two types of conservatives.  The first are the big-business, anti-regulation types, and their cronies/dupes, many libertarians and anarcho-capitalists.  For the former, the interests are monetary.  For the latter they are ideological.

The second type is the cultural conservative.  These are the right-wing cultural warriors, evangelicals, the religious right, etc.  They are anti- lots of things, such as abortion, same-sex marriage, homosexuality, etc.   Some are also white supremacists.

However, big business is taking the LGBT  and pro-abortion side in many controversies, incl. N.C.'s new bathroom law.  They appear to reject 'homophobia' and a lot of the cultural conservative stances.  Here's a list of companies, and as expected, left-leaning entertainers, who have announced boycotts against NC.  Other states face similar boycotts on related issues

Perhaps these two types will formally split and one will form a new party.  Perhaps one or both will learn to bite their tongue in the interest of party unity.  Perhaps the "Tea Party" will become a real party.  Stay tuned.

Also see the prior post on how capitalism weakens conservative culture.

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