Tuesday, February 23, 2016


According to the NYT:
"With many educators pushing for students to use resources on the Internet with class work, the federal government is now grappling with a stark disparity in access to technology, between students who have high-speed Internet at home and an estimated five million families who are without it and who are struggling to keep up.
The challenge is felt across the nation. Some students in Coachella, Calif., and Huntsville, Ala., depend on school buses that have free Wi-Fi to complete their homework. The buses are sometimes parked in residential neighborhoods overnight so that children can connect and continue studying. In cities like Detroit, Miami and New Orleans, where as many as one-third of homes do not have broadband, children crowd libraries and fast-food restaurants to use free hot spots."
Two brief observations.
1.  Public education at all levels seems to have lost connection with reality.  Are there any educational leaders out there who really care about students and education?  If your students don't have easy access to the internet, why are you using it to educate them? 
2.  Dysfunctional income disparity hits kids the hardest sometimes.

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