Thursday, August 20, 2015

Remember the agreement with N. Korea re nuclear weaons

It's amazing that no one in the media appears to want to talk about our last major venture into an agreement with a country to keep them from getting nuclear weapons.  Remember N. Korea.  There is some blame on both sides, but didn't we learn anything from this.  Assuming the Iran agreement is ultimately approved by both sides, will Republican opposition once Obama leaves office sabotage the deal?  Will the whole thing then fall apart and the Iranians will emerge (as did the
My take on this is that the whole show is a sham.  (a post on this later). The Iranians have no intent of giving up their quest for the bomb.  The Obama administration is  desperate for a foreign policy 'victory' and naively hope that the Israelis will go along with the charade. The administration naively hopes  that the next generation of Iranians and Iranian leadership will give up Muslim extremism and the problem will somehow disappear.  They also hope that even if Iran gets the bomb, the MAD  (mutual assured destruction) principle will keep them from using it.  Keep  your fingers crossed!

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