Friday, July 10, 2015

S.C. and Rand Paul approve banning Confederate Battle flag.

As most everyone knows now, the state of SC has approved removal of the Confederate Battle flag from state capital grounds to a museum.  The folks at the cradle of the Confederacy were finally able to overcome the white supremacist delusions which had afflicted much of the white leadership for over 150 years. 

Most of the announced candidates, including many Republicans. agreed that the flag should be banned.  For instance
"Sen. Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, weighed in on the issue for the first time Tuesday morning, announcing his support for removing the flag in an interview with ABC radio affiliate WRKO.

“For every African American in the country it’s a symbol of slavery for them and now it’s a symbol of murder -- it’s time to put it in a museum," Paul said."

"Many declared and potential 2016 candidates wouldn’t give a clear answer on whether the flag should be removed. Republican candidates including Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, Mike Huckabee, Bobby Jindal, Rick Perry, Marco Rubio, and Rick Santorum have argued the decision should be made by the people of South Carolina." Yes, the decision should be made by South Carolinians but that should not preclude someone running for President from being honest and not dancing around the issue.  Shame on these four.

Rand just reinforced my faith in libertarians.

I would add that the flag is a symbol or secession and the war which was started by S. Carolinians who fired on the ship "Star of the West' and Fort Sumter.  The primary motive for secession was fear of abolition and legal equality for blacks (obviously threatened white supremacy). The 'rights' involved were the right of whites to own blacks and right of states to authorize and enforce whites owning blacks.  Some also hoped to be able to reopen the slave trade prohibited by the Constitution and federal law.These are the rights secessionists fought for.  This is a heritage to be 'proud' of?   Over the years thousands of blacks were murdered, massacred and lynched.  Dissenters were often murdered or forced to leave.  Jim Crow laws flourished and denied blacks their basic rights.  When the Supreme Court ordered public schools desegregated, a few places closed down their public schools and many openly defied the Equal Protection clause of the 14th Amendment.  It was during this time that the Confederate Battle flag became a symbol of resistance to challenges to white supremacy.  Gov. George Wallace declared 'segregation' forever.  There is much to be proud of, but too much negative historical baggage. Although many open and closet white segregationists still spout their delusions, the south has made much progress on all fronts and has much to be proud of.  Let's find a symbol of something of which to be proud.

Most of Europe and much of South and Central America had already abolished slavery.  Even the hated Mexicans beat us to abolition.

If you are unsure or disagree, do some serious research of  original sources and credible historians and you will also come to this conclusion.  DiLorenzo  is not a credible source.  See the reviews of many of his books.  Reviews written by more respected historians. Let me suggest the short paperback 'Apostles of Disunion' by historian Charles B. Dew.  This book won the 2001 Fletcher Pratt award from the Civil War Roundtable of NY.  Check out his  background, he is a self-described 'son of the south' who was taught that secession and the war were really not about slavery and white supremacy.'  He changed his mind after consulting original sources. Check out the original documents reproduced in the book.
One of these reviewers is a TCU Prof.

It's time to forgive, forget and move on.


  1. Sorta like what the Taliban and ISIS are doing with symbols and statues that they don't like.

    Slave labor was used, and slaves were part of the staff in the early years of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Tear it down.

    Let's keep only the nice evidences of our history. It's for the children. Well, actually it's for us, so we're not embarrassed by reality.


  2. I totally concur with Art. Social progressive politics have had an insidious stranglehold on our country for more than 100 years now. And America is the weaker for it. Quick easy answers are satisfying but unfortunately temporary and/or destructive. Frederick Douglas was responsible for showing Lincoln a way to keep his people in the fight for a union victory. Turned out to be a win-win for both men. Major General Cleburne, CSA arrived at the same emancipation conclusion on his own, albeit a little too late with little support. This said, "Bory's" flag design was born in battle. It had absolutely nothing to do with slavery. Nada! But everything to do with southerners' survival on the field of battle, and their homes by extension. An honorable and traditional American stand. Something Lincoln did understand about the south's efforts. But once again, lesser men offered a quick easy answer to satisfy the masses.

  3. My earlier comment regarding "Bory's" battle flag was tempered by Frederick Douglas' 1850s 4th of July speech.

  4. Art, 44: Thanks for the comments. I consider you both friends, so we'll just have to cordially agree to disagree. John, I'm not familiar with the speech. Please add or send me a link.