Wednesday, May 06, 2015

The Second-Amendment Revolution Continues

The Gun Rights Revolution in America continues, licensed open-carry is poised to become law in Texas.  This is much to the dismay of  manyDemocrats and the Left.  You would think the ACLU and many who spout "liberty" would be ecstatic. They aren't.  More hypocrisy on rights.  For an example see this article on the evolving politics of open-carry in Texas.  "Democratic" has largely become a proxy for anti-Second Amendment in Texas and most places. 


  1. Generalities: Both parties favor increasing control of the populace by the central government, but in different areas. The Democrats favor more individual restrictions in such as self-defense. People without guns are easier to control than people with guns. Thus, gun control laws are about control of people, not crime.

    I have regularly challenged pro-gun-control people to tell me of any law which can be proven to have reduced the rate of violent crimes with firearms. So far, in some forty years, none have.


  2. Desertrat said it best with " ...gun control laws are about control of people, not crime.". There's nothing in the 2A about how people are to bear arms. Concealed carry or open, they're just as armed. Having the option to openly carry is helpful at times. But this is situational as wearing an exposed firearm anywhere can generate public fear and/or unwanted attention.

  3. Desertrat: Agreed. Thanks for the insightful post. Most states have some form of open carry. Texas just approved it. (see post), I haven't heard of any data or even reports of public fear or unwanted attention. However, there have been some reports of police harassment of lawful open carriers. I suspect that when open carry is approved, many do it for the novelty, but that soon gets old and they stop and/or shift to concealed carry.