Thursday, September 04, 2014

Clarificaton of post on Justice for Student-Athletes

In a prior post, I commented on the court victories of current and former college-student athletes and their quest for “justice.”  A few people have missed the main point I was trying (but failed) to make.  Some  misinterpreted my comments as a call for “social justice” and/or reducing “income inequality.”  The ”justice” I am talking about is justice under law.  Workers of all types have rights under state and federal law, and First Amendment rights of association.  “Employers” of all types naturally attempt to keep labor costs as low as possible.  In some cases this offends our natural sense of "justice" or "fairness," but that was not the main point I was trying to make.  Further, it is not the function of courts to be roving commissions striking down social and  economic “injustices.”  It is their function to enforce the law.  If  the person legally qualifies as an “employee,” they cannot be denied their rights just because the employer calls them “student-athletes.”  Everyone, employee, student-athlete or whatever, has First Amendment rights.  I believe the decisions discussed are the proper legal results.

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