Monday, September 24, 2012

More Bad News for Higher Ed

This Walter Williams column suggests that not only have things been watered down,  and students know little, but, academia has become extremely politicized. The National Association of Scholars report on Calif. is here.  The lean to the left was accelerated in the '60's, and when us baby-boomers got into academia it was allover.  The politicization is nothing new to anyone who has been in higher ed as long as I have. Note that I personally abandoned the far left when it became clear that it was hypocritical, authoritarian, deceptive, manipulative and had no real interest in "liberating" people.  It was more interested in manipulating, controlling and buying the votes of  those it was pretending to advocate for.  I put Obama in this category as well as a lot of well-meaning, nurturing and naive people on the left.

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