Monday, May 23, 2011

Male Circumcision Ban in San Francisco?

Those wackos in California are at it again. As near as I can determine, the proposal is backed by left-wingers who believe circumcision of MALES is a type of mutilation that parents have no right to inflict on children. IMHO, this proposal clearly violates First Amendment freedom of religion and the liberty to raise one's children without unjustifiable government intervention (e.g. Wisconsin v. Yoder (406 U.S. 205, 1972). It is very disturbing how much people want government to ignore the Bill of Rights.


  1. If San Francisco outlaws circumcision for their residents, then they better end the practice of lobectomy as well.

  2. The World Health Organization states that circumcision reduces the risk of male HIV acquisition . . . hard to reconcile a ban like this with a locale that has a large gay population. Sounds like good material for a couple of one-liners on Jay Leno.

  3. 44 & Ridgway. Thanks for the comments. I didn't know about the WHO position.