Tuesday, February 01, 2011

NYC Mayor Bloomberg at it again!

N.Y.'s wealthy, grandstanding, self-righteous mayor Bloomberg is at it again. His minions have been investigating gun shows in other states and complaining about sales at gun shows. I bet Bloomberg wouldn't be happy if folks from other states started sticking their noses into NYC's dark side. There is a thriving black market in guns inside NYC. No matter what state those guns come form, it would seem that Bloomberg's attention should be focused on the area where he has jurisdiction--NYC. Even if the gun show "loophole" was closed, the black market would find weapons elsewhere. Where there's a buck, there's a way. Witness the failed experiment that was Prohibition, massive smuggling in drugs, and all sorts of illegal items. As usual with politicians there's lots of political grandstanding, little rational action. Although I find Bloomberg's tactics pitiful, unlike some, I agree that Second Amendment rights are not absolute. This is obvious from the Supreme Court's opinions in Heller and McDonald. Although I have not thought about the issue in detail, carefully closing the gun show "loophole" could be constitutional. By "carefully" I mean, inter alia, ensuring due process for those whose applications are denied, reasonable privacy for applicants, and no de facto registration system.

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