Thursday, November 18, 2010

Texas Law Enforcement Officer dies in crash

We almost always hear about officers who are killed by suspects. However, there are often as many officer killed in accidents, usually automotive. This Texas DPS officer died in an accident while serving us. RIP. LINK


  1. What was he driving? Officer driver training is very good, but the vehicles are often not so good. The industry is terribly lax on this.
    The average squad could not outbrake or outhandle a taxi, forcing their drivers to push them to their limits and beyond with no advantage over the average junk on the road.
    Skill cannot overcome the envelope limitations caused by shortsighted budgetary concerns and the auto industry's disinterest.

  2. Ridgway: Good question. I do not know the answer!

  3. My sincere condolences to the young officer's family and friends. Especially to his wife and child who are impacted most by this tragic loss.